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Price List:

General Labor
$485/Hour 4 Men, GapVac & Operator Plant Jobs
$425/Hour 2 Men, GapVac & Operator to clean Sandboxes
$285/Hour 2 Men with Pressure Washer
$721/ per drum of degreaser
Rig Washing
Full wash crew with hot water wash unit to wash derrick and skids for rig move and work as directed by company man: First 12 hours $3250
Additional hours: If necessary) Wash crew $247.50 per hour
Mileage $2.50
Roustabout crew $44.50 per hour per man
Truck and Tools $150 day rate
Mileage $2.50 round trip
Hot Shot
$250.00/per Load pallets
$85.00/ per hour Operator for forklift
$350 to deliver forklift
$350.00 to pick up forklift
$880/ Day (24 hours) for fork rental
$2.50 per mile round trip
$44.50/ Man
$150/ Truck & Tools
Vac Truc
$69.00/ hour Vac Truck- Shop to shop
$380/ Vac Truck Washout
$45 Screen Cleaner
$65/day for transfer pump (hoses not included)
Safety Personel
ALL JOBS $49.50 PPE and Safety per man